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Slot Machine Basics


If you’re new to slot machines also called pokies, or if you have played only a couple of times, you need to know a few things about playing before you go into a casino with a substantial bankroll. Even though the slots are basically a game of luck, a little knowledge about machine selection can improve your chances of winning.

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First, know that the machine’s theme and façade are designed to lure you in. Because the winning number sets are randomly designated by computer software, the outside of the slot machine has no affect on your possibility of winning coins from it. To illustrate this point, let’s say you are deciding between two machines: One has a “Wheel of Fortune” theme and the other has a “Jack Daniels Whiskey” theme - you can see different online slots machines and pokies games at You may feel that you would have better luck on “Wheel of Fortune” because you’ve watched the network show for decades, whereas you’ve never even tasted Jack Daniels whiskey. When you sit down at the “Wheel” game, however, you’re surprised to find that it has nothing to do with the TV show you’ve been watching all these years. In other words, all your knowledge is for naught.


So, if you shouldn’t choose a machine based on its theme, then how should you choose one? has a huge selection of free online pokies games you can try:

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The single most important factor in machine choice is the payout table, which tells you both the winning symbol combinations and the amount each combination will pay. This chart is printed on the machine somewhere, so locate it before inserting a single coin. And, don’t forget that you can always refer to the chart when you’re playing. It’s helpful to do so if you want to increase the size of your wager.


Bankroll limitations aside, you should choose a machine that offers what you’re looking for as a casino gamer. Will you be satisfied only with the chance for a life-altering win? Then you should head for the progressive jackpot machines that will be paying out millions to one lucky person. Do you like the feeling of frequent wins (even if they’re small)? Then you should take a sit at the traditional multiple flat-top machines with pre-determined jackpots.


Many slot players make a fuss about a machine’s physical location inside the casino. Some of them think that the best machines are near the main entrance or on the outside edge of the slot section. Other experienced slot players refuse to gamble on machines that face the card tables. After a few rounds of playing slots, you’ll have your own preferences about location, but start out by avoiding the machines in dark, lonely corners: Remember, the casino wants everyone to know when you win, so it’s likely the loosest machines are located in the main area.


Here’s another factor to consider before you begin your new hobby – should you play with coins, cash or credit? Most of the casinos will make it easy for you to play with either house tokens or cash. You can even use paper money by feeding it into the receptor. For credit, you will need to establish an account at the service desk. The choice here is yours, but remember that most people take numbers on a screen less seriously than cash or coins in hand. Do what you must to lose the least – and if that means toting around a heavy cup of coins, then so be it.



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